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Flower Shops

It is the perfect display item for flower shops. It holds the ground much better than the buckets used in some flower shops. It is aesthetically superior to similar logistics vases on the market. With 18 color options, you can choose according to the decoration of your shop. You can use the top and bottoms separately. The top parts of the vases protect the flowers and keep them alive longer. Colors other than fluorescent colors are produced from recycled plastic. When you are not using the vases, they interlock and save space. You can also retail these products to your customers who buy flowers in your flower shops.


Inspired by the flower carrying buckets used in the flower logistics of the Netherlands, we adapted it to home use with Alvar Aalto lines in this re-design product, and this wonderful design emerged. While the base part can be used alone, the upper part supports the flowers to stand upright and not be damaged. When you are not using it, both the lower parts and the upper parts are intertwined, thus saving space. While it is an excellent interior design element in homes and gardens, it also has an excellent function with its balanced and solid grip on the ground. Colors other than fluorescent colors are produced from recycled plastic.

Our foldable maxi and mini bags


Our maxi and mini bag family occupies minimum space thanks to being foldable.

It is very practical to be shipped and installed. If you wish, you can make the bag flat by gently pressing the lock parts after use.
It provides a comfortable carrying with its patented design and pattern and ergonomic handle structure.

With Aykasa bags, you can go for a walk on the beach, put your beach gear inside, and enjoy nature by carrying all your belongings while having a picnic at the weekend.

You can add color to your daily life with its original design and various color alternatives.
You can view all the colors of the bags on our colors page..

President’s Notification
A Copy Can Never Be Like The Original!


Dear Aykasa customers,

A chain store company was selling our products in the European region in recent years; they copied the original Aykasa crates in lock and base system. Their company name is design, and they started selling copy design without shame. Actually, they should have changed their company name to “copy design”. This was not the first copy they made anyway, but these copiers are still launching themselves as a design company.

Following this, our wholesaler from same country started to work on a new copy design in March 2022 following the same path with copy design chain store company. We also ended our relationship with this wholesaler when we learned that he was preparing a design similar to our product (anyway, being similar to original one is not possible). They shared their 2D primitive designs with retailers, and we saw that they copied the design of copy design chain store in DK. They may be able to launch copy of copy in 2024, so we can say copy square design.

Dear Aykasa customers,

This copy design chain store company requested us to manufacture recycled products at the beginning of last year. We also wanted them to share with their customers that recycled products are not suitable and healthy for food contact and child use. We said that selling recycled products without this announcement would be a health drawback. But, they ignored it and copied our product and produced from recycled material. (As of now, Aykasa crates are manufactured from copolymers in accordance with the food codex which is also used in baby feeding bottles).

We repeat it again. We do not recommend recycled PP products that come into contact with food and children. This copy design chain store never uses recycled plastic in their kitchen products. They know that recycled PP is not healthy.

The follower of this company, which is our old wholesaler, sends email to its customers announcing the newly copied product will be recycled (DK origin copyist).

Dear aykasa customers, of course, there is no problem in outdoor use of the recycled material product, except for the uses we specify sensitively. Let’s give this cheating friend some bad news for them. Our recycled products will be introduced to the market very soon. In addition to our existing products, we will be launching two new products that we hope you will like very soon.

From now on, you will receive all these new notifications from our web page, from our pop-ups. In addition, our new European distributors will inform you about news.


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