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food elma
Efficient cooli

Efficient cooling

It ensures energy saving
both in cold storage and
in cold air transportation
through maximum air circulation.
The boxes can be placed adjacent
to each other through the air
passageways; therefore, it ensures space saving.


Desceases rate of waste

Decreases rate of waste They protect and prevent the decay of the products by increasing the air circulation by 50% through their licensed
special design. The boxes can stay stabile under high
tonnages thanks to their high strength. Their waste rate is
below 3% that is the standard in Europe in the transportation
and storage of the fruit and vegetable.

Desceases rate of waste
dongu food

Decreases logistics costs

The folded boxes can ensure a space saving by 1/6 in comparison to
the open version and they provide saving in the stores and
the transportation vehicles. Furthermore, the boxes
have been designed as so provide maximum inner capacity.

your branding

Decreases box investment

The boxes that are delivered full are folded empty and c
ollected with low transportation cost. There is no need for
extra box investment in every delivery.

decreases logistics cost

Your branding

You can place your brands as hot stamping,
silk screen printing, stretch film, cardboard
cover on the boxes.


Maximum endurance

It has been reported in the International
Tests (VDZ Dourtmund)
that Aykasa’s boxes have the highest
endurance among its counterparts.
They are resistant to the highest
sage and all kinds of weather conditions.

maximum endurance
box in box

Box in box

You can use fruit and vegetable
packaged in the minibox in Multiway boxes.

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